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Cloud-based collaborative, intelligent technology!

C-Fields© software's main objective is to allow companies to make the best possible scoping and economic decisions in the early life cycle stages for large capital projects to minimize costs, reduce risk, and accelerate project development.

Reduce time, minimize cost and mitigate risk

C-Fields© is an innovative Field Development Planning Software strategically designed to allow for the fast and interactive creation, and analysis of unlimited scenarios for oil and gas development projects. 


Using automated workflows, C-Fields© can integrate data from various disciplines such as Geology and Geophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling and Completions, Production, and Surface facilities, into its models. As a result, the software can interactively quantify offshore and onshore oilfields' risk and economic value under different development scenarios. Results enable project teams to quickly analyze, compare, and evaluate financial and risk factors to determine strategies that best align with specific project objectives.

Key benefits

  • Timely access to all technical and financial data in one place, with the capability to make updates interactively.

  • Facilitates faster strategic decision-making, supported by a real-time collaborative environment.

  • Enables the evaluation and ranking of multiple scenarios simultaneously incorporating the probabilistic distribution of input parameters to capture uncertainty.

  • Immediate profitability improvement by significantly reducing evaluation time and cost.

  • Financial and risk indicators for all scenarios are automatically plotted and ranked using different proven methodologies.

  • Multidisciplinary data visualization: colorful, interactive displays of technical and financial data associated with each project. 

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Key features

  • Fast, efficient, and reliable software

  • Robust and secure cloud-based platform

  • Real-time, multi-user collaborative environment

  • Modular and cross-platform friendly

  • Ability to receive multi-sourced data

  • Multilingual platform

"Field development planning has been evolving for decades. Different standardized methodologies have been implemented on projects worldwide; however, there is no software in the industry sophisticated enough to use a single platform to seamlessly integrate data from all disciplines in the same manner as C-Fields©"

"C-Fields© ensures better decision making that can significantly help mitigate the carbon footprint on projects and avoid costly and time-consuming changes or detrimental environmental challenges during the execution phase"

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The platform integrates the data and allows all stakeholders to interactively edit and analyze information in a controlled-access environment in real time.

Project managers can decide what data and modules within a project are visible to each team member. For example, a specific collaborator can visualize data from other disciplines in their preferred language but can only edit the data related to their expertise.

C-Fields© Development Planning Software has undergone over several years of rigorous research and development to be ready for worldwide commercial release in December 2021.


Affiliated companies and our specialized engineers and technicians have internally tested and employed the legacy version of this technology in over seventy projects spanning more than forty fields.  All the feedback and knowledge gathered over the years resulted in the evolution of the software's first commercial version.

C-Fields© is a revolutionary software that perfectly fits the new era of digital transformation, process optimization, and carbon-print reduction.

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The technology behind C-Fields© has evolved over several years to become a Field Development Planning platform with true integration and real-time collaboration between multidisciplinary teams focused on accelerating performance, efficiency, improving profitability and reducing risk.

  • Minimize user errors integrating data across disciplines while following a consistent and coherent methodology

  • Empower every team member with shared access to reliable and up-to-date Field Development plan data

  • Make timely and informed decisions at every stage of oil and gas field development

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