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Our Services

Integral Solutions for the Oil & Gas industry

CAYROS has developed extensive experience in helping oil and gas exploration and production companies make faster and better decisions by implementing customized and innovative workflows, as well as an extraordinary set of sophisticated tools and technologies for reservoir characterization, field development planning and optimization.

At CAYROS, we have honed our extensive experience in all aspects related to subsurface modelling for development and exploration prospects in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, creating robust solutions to solve complex structural and stratigraphic settings, improving the delineation of fault systems by enhancing seismic data, reconstructing carbonate and clastic environments, or recreating the rock architecture thorough advanced petrophysical characterization.

Depending on the complexity of the projects, we implement different techniques and customized workflows to help our clients meet their specific goals.

CAYROS’ reputation speaks for itself with the majority of the clients coming back with additional and new requests. Clients return based on the notable quality of the work, very quick turn- arounds, high level of professionalism and technological innovation applied.


Geology & Geophysics

  • Multicomponent, Seismic Inversion

    & AVO Modeling

  • Sequence Stratigraphy Analysis & Seismic Stratigraphy

  • Sedimentology and Depositional environment interpretation for clastics and carbonates reservoirs

  • Structural Interpretation & 3D Modeling

  • Facies modelling and stochastic rock properties distribution

  • Advanced Seismic Interpretation

Reservoir & Production Engineering

  • Numerical Reservoir simulation

  • Conventional & Unconventional Reservoir & Production Eng.

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery studies

  • Reservoir Surveillance (advanced PTA - RTA) - real-time

  • Decline Curve Analysis & Reserve Evaluations

  • Waterflood and Modelling

  • Production & Artificial Lift Optimization

  • Material balance, Nodal analysis, wellbore modelling

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Seismic Post-Processing Enhancement

Seismic Geometric Decomposition (SGD) is a patented technique that captures the internal architecture of the seismic reflectors to produce a series of high definition seismic volumes that can be used to improve the delineation of the Fault System, the external and internal reservoir architecture, to recognize reflectivity patterns for geomorphological analysis, and to generate High Resolution Rock property volumes.
It can be run on gathers or post-stack, time or depth, 3D or 2D

Field Development Planning

The best opportunity to make a positive impact and create value in the life cycle of large capital projects is in the early planning or front-end development stages, well before incurring capital expenses. These early stages of a project are where most value is created or lost. Poor decisions here cannot be recovered during the project’s execution.
We work jointly with our clients providing expertise and game-changing technology to reduce evaluation time and cost.

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Virtual Field Trips & Training

We have developed a new platform to deliver immersive virtual field trips to contribute to the development of top geoscientists through cutting-edge technology. This has allowed us to create virtual scenes (360 degrees and VR compatible) settled in the most didactic and outstanding outcrops that can be found in nature, including an in situ explanation of the geology by our experienced instructors.

Advanced Petrophysics

  • Advanced petrophysical Characterization in conventional and unconventional reservoirs (complex mineralogy clastics and Carbonates, tight reservoirs, shale gas, shale oil, CBM, etc.)

  • Resource and reserve estimation

  • Rock typing, petrofacies and lithotypes classification. Flow units definition & Saturation Height Modeling.

  • Permeability and Porosity architecture characterization.

  • Rock physics characterization


Facility & Process Engineering

  • Process design, evaluation and optimization (Energy and Material balance)

  • Process simulation and flow assurance

  • Steady-state multiphase flow modeling in oil and gas networks and pipeline systems

  • Pipe line network analysis

  • Conceptual Facility Design

  • Hydrocarbon mix characterization

CAYROS’ highly qualified multidisciplinary team consists of domain specialists with 20+ years of international experience each. Our experts have worked in the most prolific basins and fields in places like Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Kurdistan, Libya, Mexico, North Africa, Nor- way, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Syria, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, United States, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

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