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Geology and Geophysics

Featured Services

We have developed the expertise to help E&P companies better understand the surface and subsurface to make faster, better decisions by implementing customized, innovative workflows and an extraordinary set of sophisticated tools and technologies for cost-effective geological and geophysical services for exploration, reservoir characterization, field development and optimization.

Multicomponent, Seismic Inversion & AVO Modelling

  • Pre-Stack and Post-Stack Seismic Data Conditioning.

  • AVO Analysis & Modelling.

  • AVAZ Processing and Interpretation.

  • Pre-Stack and Post-Stack Inversion. Response Modelling. Attribute Volume Calculation.

  • Multicomponent Analysis and Seismic Inversion.

  • Deterministic and Stochastic Seismic Inversion.

  • Time-lapse Modelling and Analysis.

  • Full AVO modeling, Spectral Decomposition, QI.

  • Seismic Multi-Attributes & Petrophysics Data Integration.

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Gather Conditioning for:

  • AVO Modelling and AVO Attributes

  • Extended Elastic Impedance

  • Coloured Inversión for Elastic Volumes

  • Simultaneous Inversión (Zp,Zs,Rho)

  • Spectral Decomposition (BPD)

  • Frequency Gather Análisis for Non Comercial Gas

  • Geostatistical Inversión and Bayes Analysis

  • Rock Property Volumes by Machine Learning Integration

  • NN for Lithology Volumes generation

Integrated Stratigraphy & Sedimentology

  • Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis & Seismic Stratigraphy

  • Sedimentology and Depositional environment interpretation for clastics and carbonates reservoirs.

  • Bioestratigraphic and Petrographic Analysis

  • Facies analysis and modelling

  • Electrofacies Analysis (proprietary CVT & Machine learning)

  • Sedimentological Modelling

  • 3D Outcrops models

  • Detailed Core Analysis & Description

  • Virtual Field Trips & Training (Immersive Geology)

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Geological Modelling

  • Structural and stratigraphic framework

  • Facies modelling and stochastic rock properties distribution

  • 3D integrated reservoir characterization and modelling

  • Basin Modelling

  • Prospect Generation

  • Cross-discipline, integrated interpretation

  • Integration with reservoir simulation

Seismic Interpretation

  • Seismic Enhancement Post-Processing (Seismic Geometric Decomposition - SGD)

  • Detailed Fault mapping and Curvature analysis

  • Advanced Seismic Interpretation QI

  • High Resolution Seismic Stratigraphy

  • Seismic Attribute generation & Interpretation, Petrophysics Data Integration

  • High Resolution Elastic Volume Analysis

  • Velocity Modelling & Depth Conversion

  • Paleo Karst delineation

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Borehole Geology.png

Borehole Geology

  • Image processing (supporting all wireline imaging tools in vertical and horizontal wells) including EMI, FMI, OBMI, FMS, Earth Imager, XRMI, UBI, CBIL, STAR, RAB, ARI, OBMI and Quanta Geo

  • Interpretation services focused on bedding, sedimentary dips, faults, natural fractures and stress

  • Sedimentological analysis (determination of paleocurrent direction)

  • Support on field studies using core and image integration for reservoir characterization

  • Facies and fracture characterization in horizontal wells for improved completions design

  • Porotex analysis (especially useful in carbonates to generate secondary porosity calculation)

  • Lamination analysis to extract different scales of layering in to conventional and unconventional reservoirs

We have a proven track record for providing high quality projects by integrating our proprietary technology and offering solutions to fulfill our clients’ needs.

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