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Our Computer Vision Technique (CVT) used with Machine Learning algorithms for Facies prediction and Rock Typing.

BRAZIL (off-shore), Carbonates

Our Technology

“As CAYROS uses commercially available software for its consultancy services, it finds potential areas to develop technology to improve its workflows and be more efficient. As these tools are created based on market demand, they allow us to work better”

CAYROS offers a wide range of Integrated Petrotechnical Solutions. All services are led by international industry leaders in this field, having a proven track record and backed with the latest innovation and technology.

We are always working very hard to research and implement new technologies and workflows to optimize our processes, get the most value from the data, reduce uncertainty, and deliver better and faster results to our clients.

The reputation for developing high quality projects with a very quick turnaround supported by the implementation of in-house developed technology and workflows has helped us to continue growing.

Some of the technology developed includes Seismic enhancing plugins, Field Development Planning Tools, Horizontal Well Geosteering, Capillary Pressure and Relative Permeability Analysis tool, Formation Water Characterization App, Core Description Software, etc


Explore Some of Our Work

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Better & faster decisions

C-Fields© is a planning tool with different modules that allows users to interactively design multiple concepts and scenarios for oil and gas development projects, perform lifecycle financial assessments and risk analysis.

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Reduce risk & uncertainty

Seismic Geometric Decomposition (SGD) is a patent- ed technology that helps to minimize risk and reduce uncertainty by improving the delineation of the Fault System, the external and the internal reservoir architecture.


Bring the outcrops home

Attempting to adapt to the new circumstances, we have developed a new platform for delivering immersive virtual field trips and training in the most didactic and outstanding outcrops.

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Squeeze image information

The use of new technologies such as computer vision added to machine learning allows to extract valuable  quantitative data from images. This data can be used for Facies prediction and Rock Typing.

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