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“CAYROS bases its strength on its people who are highly experienced experts, and exceptional professionals. Our teams have a diverse blend of backgrounds and knowledge that allow us to provide robust integrated solutions.”


Patrick Doig

General Director

With over 30 years of experience, Patrick Doig has been providing mission-based leadership and strategic governance to CAYROS since 2016.

Tyler Maksymchuk

Director CANADA

Senior Petrophysicist (BSc. Chemistry, Mathematics) with over 25 years of experience in reservoir characterization, operations, field and lab settings. Advanced participation in teams designed for integrated studies, formation evaluation, 3D reservoir modelling, and Geosteering.

Francisco Caycedo

Director LATAM

Msc. Petroleum Engineering and Msc. Petroleum Geology with over 27 years of experience in reservoir characterization, integrated studies, formation evaluation, 3D reservoir modelling, Field Development Planning, and mentoring.

Miguel Perez

Director MEXICO

Mechanical Engineer with emphasis on energetics and 20 years of experience in Field Development Planning, Front-End-Loading methodology, Heavy oil flow assurance, process simulation, Steady-state multiphase flow modelling in oil and gas networks and pipeline systems.


Carlos Zavala


PhD. Geology with over 30 years of experience in sedimentology, stratigraphy and basin analysis. Expert in analysis, evaluation and prediction of clastic reservoirs. Professor and Researcher with a large trajectory in the analysis of gravity flow deposits.

Hector Zucchi

Head Seismic Inversion

Seismic Inversion and AVO and specialist with more than 35 years of international experience (Msc. Seismic Interpretation). Expert in pre-stack and post- stack seismic conditioning and inversion, multicomponent seismic inversion, multi-attribute analysis, AVO analysis and modelling,

Carlos Estrada

Head Reservoir Engineering

Senior Reservoir Engineer (MSc. Petroleum Engineering) with over 25 years of experience evaluating international assets, reservoir simulation, water- flooding and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects, material balance, production forecasting, economic evaluation, and reserves evaluation.

Zonia Caicedo

Head Finance & Administration

Strategy and Finance Executive (MBA) with over 17 years of experience in establishing systems for financial controls and compliance, building strategic partnerships, and establishing organized frameworks through Quality Management Systems, as well as policy development & risk management.

Rafael Zambrano 2._edited.png
Juan Pablo Bastos_edited.png

Rafael Zambrano

Head Petrophysics

Senior Petrophysicist with over 15 years of international experience in reservoir characterization, integrated studies, and formation evaluation in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Juan Pablo Bastos

Head Software Development

Senior Software Development Leader, Database Architect, Data Modeler, and QA specialist leading and contributing to the success of multiple projects across different industries.

Carmen Contreras

Head Borehole Geology

Principal Geologist with over 28 years of international experience in borehole image processing and interpretation. Multi-skilled professional in the oil and gas exploration and exploitation industry with experience working in integrated studies teams in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

“There are no small or large projects in our team, they all constitute a challenge that must be solved with the same degree of professionalism.”

Our Professional Group


Our core strength comes from our ability to integrate the disciplines and expertise of our diverse staff into project-based teams; such diversity creates a rich environment for the exchange of ideas within our own company, which supports the delivery of strong results to our customers.

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In addition to our in-house developed technologies, our geoscientists and engineers have extensive knowledge and experience with most of the major commercial software for 3D modelling and mapping, seismic interpretation, seismic inversion, petrophysical analysis, reservoir simulation, reservoir and production engineering, economics, reserves & risk assessment, and more.

Our specialists have industry recognized experience in training and mentoring professionals from different exploration and production (E&P) companies around the world. Technology and knowledge transfer is one of our main commitments and an essential part of our value proposition.

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