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Last revised November 18, 2022

By accessing or utilizing a CAYROS cloud product, you explicitly recognize and consent to be legally bound by the CAYROS Privacy Policy and CAYROS Acceptable Use Policy. You bear the responsibility (and must possess adequate authority) for all actions conducted within your CAYROS account, encompassing the procurement or utilization of third-party products or services (and the related disclosure of data) associated with the cloud product. If you have been added to a cloud product, the entity overseeing that particular cloud product (and not yourself) wields control over your usage of said cloud product. This control includes, but is not limited to, the ability to add or remove you from the cloud product, activate or deactivate third-party integrations, and administer permissions. Any content that you submit or upload to the cloud product may be retained, accessed, employed, altered, shared, or deleted by the entity overseeing said cloud product and its designated representatives. You acknowledge the potential for your CAYROS account to be managed by the entity that possesses or governs the email address domain used to create or register your account.

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